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I have been to somewhere magical for children with needs and adults with mobility issues.

The sun is finally shining. I am back from Belgium. Classes begin again soon and I thought I would use this post to tell you about the rather special place that I have been to during my trip away in May.

In my pre-Feldenkrais life, I hadn’t really had much cause to reflect on the need for accessibility. Mums with prams know all about this of course but it is something that has been brought home to me rather later in life from my work with children with needs and adults whose mobility has been compromised.

Last week I stayed in a place which very much showed how things could be done. A rather magical farm called Hoeve Megusta in beautiful Belgium countryside close to Antwerp. A farm which has been specifically adapted to cater for children and adults with additional needs.

My accommodation was excellent. A spacious two-bedroom ground floor apartment with a wet room and kitchen adapted for wheelchair users and height-adjustable beds. It was a perfect venue to give the lessons and the kids who came to see me loved the fact that they could roam safely around the farm and interact with all the animals who are being trained specifically to do this.

The farm is owned and run by Lisa and her extended family who moved there during the first lockdown. Her daughter Elinora suffered brain damage following an illness after birth and requires the use of a wheelchair. The family wanted to create a home environment for themselves and a holiday experience for others to share that would help those with mobility issues to enjoy all that nature can offer.

I can’t thank the children and the families enough for making me feel so welcome. I can't wait to go back.

You can find out more about the farm, all its many facilities, and nearby attractions at

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