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Upcoming Workshops:

The Fit Sit Stick Workshops 2024

New dates to be announced shortly. Please subscribe to my free newsletter to be kept full informed about upcoming events.

These workshops have proved to be very popular with my students. It seems crazy that something as simple as a stick can help to improve a person's movement and balance but it really can, as many of you have been discovering.

Here's some feedback from one of my students who has been attending my regular weekly Fit Sit Classes using a stick:

"Dear Stewart

I have found the Stick classes very useful.

I started 4 weeks after a hip replacement operation.

This class gave me the confidence to move and stretch, by sitting down there was no load bearing on the hip, and as each week went by I got more movement in the whole of my body.

I have been very happy with the classes". Elizabeth S.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-23 at 09.37.59.jpeg

Orange Ball Workshops 2024

I will be teaching the next online Orange Ball workshop on:

Dates to be announced shortly.

In this mat-based workshop, you will learn how to initiate movement and balance through your core using two small inflatable balls. The workshops are suitable for complete beginners.

The Orange Balls I use to teach can be obtained through Amazon using this (affiliate) link: click here

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