“Stewart – was just what I needed to take the spirit of the whole few days completely inwards, I fully relaxed and felt I was truly in the hands of an expert” L.M.

“The experience of Feldenkrais was deeply relaxing and freeing. I love your ability with the tone, pause, speed and inflection of language to subtly move us along with the exercises and states that help them. You have great precision guiding us.” M.B.

“I was expecting to be in knots, but you know it was really relaxing. It’s amazing to think those tiny movements can have such a large effect.” H.H.

“Stewart – A huge draw for me! I couldn’t wait to experience Stewart’s session and I am hungry to learn more… The actual session was gentle, wonderfully paced, encouraged curiosity and mindfulness and thoroughly enjoyable. Stewart’s voice is perfectly pitched and his hypnotic narrative was filled with thought provoking, highly knowledgeable content… this man knows the inner workings of the body and how to get one’s body and mind to work as one” L. W

“I didn’t know what to expect but I left the room with a renew love for simplicity and totally calmed. There is such a brilliance in deconstructing moves and building awareness….On a secondary note: my 15 years old back pain seriously reduced! No idea what happened in there but it’s the first time I have woken up without back pain in a long long time! Amazing” J. O.

Stewart Hamblin

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