• stewartwhamblin

The Fit Sit Revolution is here!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I am so excited to tell you that the Kindle version of my book 'The Fit Sit Revolution' has now been published on Amazon. I have always wanted to write a book and the first lockdown gave me the opportunity to do that. I had been asked by one of my students to help her 92 year-old mother who couldn't get down on the floor so easily to participate in my regular Awareness Through Movement Classes and I decided to teach a series of lesson all done while sitting in a chair. They proved to be very popular indeed and hence I thought they would make a good subject for my first book.

There are a number of fabulous chair based lesson in the Feldenkrais Method some of which are very challenging indeed. I love to teach them because they are a really good way of introducing my students to the foundations of all good movement: movement through weight transeference and counterbalance. If a student can grasp these concepts in terms of how they move then they have the ability to move better in the world and if I can help a student, any student, to do that then I am a very happy person indeed.

As we all get older many of use loose the ability to move from our core. The lessons in the book teach the reader how to re-awaken the key movements of the spine (side-bending, flexion extension, rotation and twisting) so that the spine is then much more available to them resulting in better movement and balance.

You can buy the book from Amazon by following clicking on the box below which contains an affiliate link. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing the book and getting i published. I can't say it was always easy and I will be writing more about that in future posts. I have a series of upcoming books planned now. Its a lovely, lovely feeling to be able to call myself an author. I hope you enjoy x