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"Thank you, Stewart, fantastic lesson. My 92-year-old mother and I enjoyed it very much!"

"Thank you, Stewart, fantastic lesson. My 92-year-old mother and I enjoyed it very much!"

I can't really tell you how happy I was to receive this message yesterday on YouTube. Its one of the main reasons why I wrote the book and developed the Fit Sit® programme. There is so much that we can do to help ourselves and our elderly loved ones to maintain our movement potential and the fact that the writer was able to sit down and share this experience in real time with his mother I am sure meant a lot to her. It became not just a class but a shared social moment.

It would be easy to dismiss the lessons on the basis that they are done in a chair but the reality is that if a person can't move well on a chair they are not going to be able to move well in standing or walking. That's true of someone in their twenties as much as their nineties. The five lessons in the book - the key components of spinal movement and balance - are the ABCs of movement and they have the potential to transform the way that you think about your movement when going about ADLs or activitiies of daily living such as walking, reaching, coming to stand etc. If you can help as person to change the way that they think about their movement then you give them the means to change their movement rather than it being somethiing that just happened to them. That's why I called the book the Fit Sit Revolution. It changes your movement paradigm. The book is available on Amazon through following this affiliate link:

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