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Pilates mat work: how to use a resistance band to work the legs.

I wasn't able to use the video of the full Pilates class to post on YouTube this week so I thought I would post this short clip of how to use a resistance band to work the legs in a number of exercises performed on the back. All my students in the zoom class I teach now have resistance bands which allows me to introduce some strengthening work into the class. If you haven't got a band I will post an affiliate link to the kind of band sets I recommend for my students. They are cheap as chips for what you get on Amazon UK and this set is one of the cheapest but which I think is really good because of the way that the bands attach (with a carabiner hook) to the accessories. You will find other types and maybe even cheaper. All the manufactures tend to have slightly different colour codings for the bands. The band I use is green which is light to medium. I will be using them in my Pilates classes more often and hope to get a course done soon on how to use them for many other kind of exercises. Its important as we all get older, I believe, to introduce kind of resistance work to help combat muscle loss (sarcopenia).

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