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Nervous about change?

I know I am. This week I re-launched my website and there have been times when I have been tempted to throw my laptop out the window.

I am not by nature a techie and even though I have semi-enjoyed the process of getting to know some of all the features that the site upgrade offers it has been a frustrating experience with numerous requests for call-backs from the Wix help team.

At one stage I was ready to give up and simply re-instate the old website. This would have been the easy option, and 'oh boy' was I tempted, but one of the things that pulled me through this moment of hesitation is that the new website gives me the opportunity to do so much more.

I can now timetable new classes very quickly and the automation means that students can now book and pay for their classes online and because the website integrates with zoom they will receive the class links directly whereas before I was cutting and pasting and spending a lot of time doing stuff that was taking up a lot of time.

I am nervous about how my students will react to the change but I am also positive about this because of the way they have all embraced the new online world that covid has forced upon us. Moshe Feldenkrais's Method is all about being able to adapt to change. When we can't adapt, when we get stuck in our ways, we begin to fail.

The thing that really drew me to the change, however, is that the new website enables me to develop and host online courses. Last week, for example, I taught one of the Orange Ball workshops. As my students know, the way we use the balls in the workshops, to enhance our awareness of how we are moving and how we could move differently, is extraordinary.

The new website now gives me the opportunity to offer these workshops to a much wider audience. You can find two of the workshops on the site now. A small beginning for the online courses but, for me, it's a positive development.

The real test for the website comes at the beginning of September when my regular online classes resume. I am expecting a bumpy ride. It will be a time to remember to take a deep breath and to keep my fingers crossed.

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