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An update of the new booking system for classes - fingers crossed!

Now that a few people have begun to book places for the zoom classes in September I wanted to alert you to some of the peculiarities of the new booking system on the website.

At the moment, it's only possible to book one class at a time and if it’s a drop-in class (£9) pay for it. This is very tedious, and I have contacted the web hosting platform who tell me that they are planning to change this in the future so that you will be able to book and pay for multiple classes together, but this is what we are stuck with for now.

If you become a member of the site (for free) the system will remember your details so that you don’t have to enter everything over and over again.

I have set up a number of payment blocks. You can buy and pay for 4 classes for £32 (£8 per class), or 8 classes for £62 (£7.75 per class), and/or 12 classes for £90 (£7.50).

This has enabled me to provide more discount for those of you who come to two or more classes a week.

If you buy a block of classes I have set them up so that you can use the blocks to pay for any class (Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais or Fit Sit) so that you are not having to buy different blocks for each class. I hope this will make life easier for you.

Once you have bought a block you can then book the classes that you want to attend and offset them against the block.

The thing to remember about blocks of classes is that they last for 4 weeks. They cannot be carried over into the next set of 4 classes.

When you purchase your blocks of classes at checkout you will be asked to set the start date.

I intend to continue, as before the summer break, teaching 4 weeks of classes, then having a week’s break, then 4 weeks again and so on. This worked well and I know that many of you appreciated the new teaching rhythm.

Because of the concerns about a 4th covid outbreak in the Autumn, I intend to keep all classes online, but I am hoping to start teaching occasional in-person workshops to test the waters.

I realise that the above all sounds a bit complicated. I know it's not perfect. I welcome any feedback you have. It will take a bit of getting used to, but I am hoping that it will be all for the best in the future.

Best wishes


Ps Picture represents how I feel about computers right now!

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