Data Policy and opt-in consent

Stewart Hamblin:  Data Policy and ‘opt-in’ consent.


Dear Student/Client

To ensure the smooth running of my classes, one to one lessons and workshops, I would like to collect and record some of your personal details (contact and necessary health related information).

You will need to consent to this data being held.

I will ensure that your data is stored securely either electronically, on a password protected device, or on paper documents that will be also be kept secure.

Only I will be able to view the details that you supply to me. You have the right to see the details that I hold on you and to have your details changed or removed from any lists or records. You can do this be contacting me directly.

I will only use your contact details to keep you up to date with information about classes and very occasionally to let you know about events, such as workshops, that I believe will be of interest to you.

I will not share your contact details with any 3rdparty and any emails that I send will use the blind CC option.

Occasionally, as many of you know, I take images of and record some of my classes, lessons and workshops to use on my social media sites to help publicise my work. I will not do this without your prior consent and you are always free to withdraw this consent by contacting me directly.

I will regularly check that your details are up to date and correct and your data will be deleted or destroyed if you let me know that you are leaving classes and when you have not regularly attended classes in the last year.

You do not have to share your personal data with me, however, please understand if that is your choice then I may find it difficult to update you about classes etc.

Stewart Hamblin

23 May 2018