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Movement Specialist, Author, and Creator of Fit Sit®

and Fit Sit Stick ® Program

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Online and in person classes, courses and workshops with Stewart Hamblin

Classes and workshops

I teach classes and workshops, online and in-person, to students all over the world. I  originally developed the chair-based Fit Sit® and Fit Sit Stick® programs for my clients who had trouble getting down on the floor to do the mat work normally associated with the Feldenkrais Method. Following the success of my book ('The Fit Sit Revolution',   I have gone on to develop lessons for office workers, clients recovering from strokes, students who have undergone hip/knee replacement surgery and anyone who  would like to improve the way that they move. You really don't need lots of expensive equipment or clothing to change the way that you move. What most people need is knowledge. That's what I am here to share.

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Online Programs for All

Free Fit Sit: Feet, Knees, & Hips Mini-Course
Feet New logo (2).jpg

Learn how to keep your feet, knees & hips healthy and mobile with this Fit Sit Mini-Course.

Feet course screen shot_edited.jpg

"Hello Stewart. This could not have come to my attention at a more appropriate time, for I am suffering greatly from bilateral pain across the tops of my feet starting from the outer aspect of the feet.

On occasion it is difficult to walk and the skin on the upper surface becomes incredibly sensitive. This in turn is altering my gait and creating lower back pain.

I feel the movements you demonstrate in your video will offer me some relief long term, therefore and I have vowed to do them on a daily basis."  - Claire Seuter

"This is good! I definitely want to practice this especially when our legs are close together and you instruct things with heels and toes! Yes, I do feel it in my hip joints too!" - Natala Goodman

The Fit Sit Mini-Course includes:

  1. A 30 minutes long video demonstration of the key exercises

  2. A downloadable fully-illustrated E-book showing the exercises and more.

Value £14.99 (exclusive of VAT. Local sales taxes may apply). Available for FREE if you enter the code FITFEET at checkout (for limited time only).

Level 1The Stick Series (1).jpg

Take your home practice to a new level with the brand-new Fit Sit Stick Series. This course is suitable for the complete beginner or the more advanced student looking to transform your movement skills and turn back the clock on your spine.

The course includes 6 full-length video classes that you can do whenever you like at home or that will serve as a resource for your own work with clients:

1. An introductory gentle paced class taking you through the fundamentals. 

2. Using the stick to mobilise the spine

3. A focus on abdominal control

4. How to work the hips

5. Hips and shoulders

6. Coming to stand effortlessly.

All for just £49.99

"I have found the Stick classes very useful.

I started 4 weeks after a hip replacement operation.

This class gave me confidence to move and stretch, by sitting down there was no load bearing on the hip, and as each week went by I got more movement in the whole of my body.

I have been very happy with the classes". Elizabeth Simpson

"Great class, Stewart, thank you. Appreciated your pointers about keeping the hands light on the stick and also differentiating the hip movement back and forth from the shoulders - these made a huge difference for me. Am still working on initiation from the feet vs pelvis for arch/curl- lots to think about there. Liked the part about getting up and down from the chair though it is quite an advanced movement". Bea Con

"As the ambassador of Feldenkrais method you should be nominated to be put on the UNESCO list of non-material heritage of humanity. Absolutely in love with your teaching style, your enthusiasm and kindness. Blessings from Ukraine". Samsung J500

Lesson 1 (2).jpg

Take your home practice to the next level with the brand-new Fit Sit Stick Series Level 2 program. 

The course includes 6 full-length video classes that you can do whenever you like at home or that will serve as a resource for your own work with clients:

1. Working with the spine 

2. Working into the hips

3. A workout class

4. Hips & Standing

5. Differentiations

6. Arching & Curling.

All for just £49.99

"Great stuff! I did the lesson balancing a book on my head for an added challenge to really move the spine.". Alan Czechowski

" Merci Stewart de votre merveilleux travail GRATITUDE de le transmettre" Martine Lemarechal

Level 3.jpg

The Fit Sit Stick Series Level 3 program will help you to take your home practice even further.

The course includes 6 full-length video classes that you can do whenever you like at home or that will serve as a resource for your own work with clients:

1. Feet & Hips

2. Hips & Shoulders

3. Eyes & Turning

4. Reaching into Standing

5. Initiating Movement from the Centre

6. When the Magic Happens

All for just £49.99

"Bravo!  I just finished the first Fit Stick Series lesson and it is wonderful.  You’ve done a fabulous job creating these lessons and I know I will love them all.". Ruth Dickover, Ph.d. - email

"  Me encantaaa....Me gustan mucho tus clases. El método en silla es genial. Gracias. Me dedico a la reeducación postural y uso alguno de tus ejercicios" Leon. YouTube.

Fit Sit: Learn the Basics
The Basics (2).jpg

Suitable for complete beginners, in this short course you will be introduced to the five key movements of the spine that enable us to move well and stay independent as we age. All you need to begin and develop your own home practice.

Course screen shot side bending 1.jpg

"Great set! you start sitting differently and walking differently! Many thanks and the best to a remarkable trainer and everybody on his channel!" Tatiana, Russia

"Love these chair lessons Stewart. I seem to manage most things with ease, except for the shoulders, which makes me realise how tight they are. My dream is a full body daily routine I can do in about 15 minutes (chair and/or floor). "Georgia.

The five full-length lessons include:

  1. Side-bending to improve walking

  2. Turning 3 ways

  3. Twisting Masterclass

  4. Flexing & Extension (how to arch & curl the spine)

  5. Balance & the Power of the Pelvis

All for just £49.99 (exclusive of VAT. Local sales taxes may apply).

Four Fit Sit Workouts
Four Fit Sit workouts chairs (7).jpg

 Whether you are completely new to the Fit Sit program or already an established fan of the classes, you will find plenty of inspiration in these 4 full-length workout classes to keep your back, knees, hips, feet, hands and wrists healthy and mobile

Four workouts snapshot 1.jpg


"Wow! Such a big difference in my range of motion looking back.I almost feel like an owl!" Anette D.


"I appreciate all of your lessons. They are very sophisticated but never intimidating. I am really learning a lot from you. Thank you so much." Stephanie M.

The four full-length lessons include:

  1. Full workout using a ball to improve the wrists and hands

  2. Putting a spring in the spine

  3. Workout 27th April 2022

  4. Workout 4th May 2022

All for just £49.99 (exclusive of VAT. Local sales taxes may apply).

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